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  • 執筆者の写真Ken Mayes Ozawa

パニック障害との共存 Coexistence with panic disorder




2018年くらいからは本当に刺激を避けるようにしていて、 寛解(治療をつづけながら、病気の症状がほぼ消失した状態)に至ったか、とも感じるようになってきた。






Panic disorder is troublesome. A state in which it reacts sensitively when there is some stimulus. Depression is more likely to occur when exposed to pressure and pressure.

I was stuck in depression for a while, but if I consciously tried to avoid the load and irritation, I gradually recovered from depression.

When I thought it was okay many times, it was recurring and I couldn't see the exit.

Since around 2018, I have been trying to avoid irritation, and I have come to feel that I have reached remission (a state in which the symptoms of the disease have almost disappeared while continuing treatment).

Avoiding stimuli is another problem, and I feel that people tend to lose their creative ideas if they continue to avoid stimuli. Perhaps you are the only one, but the emotional ups and downs of the stimulus are the source of the energy needed to create the work.

The uninteresting work was specialized only for work, and simple work and loss of energy also lost creativity.

The point is to avoid stimuli, and I think the cause is that even positive stimuli are excluded in addition to negative stimuli. I decided to thoroughly treat myself, but my heart is selfish. At that time, I was thinking, "I want to get out of this situation at any cost," but now that I'm about to get out, "that was overkill."

Even if I regret it, I can't move forward. From now on, we should consciously add positive stimuli. Let's regain creativity little by little. For the day when this windless and empty state can be used as food for the work.




言わないと決めていること decided not to say it.

言わないと決めていること。 これは人にも言うなというものではなくて、自分の経験や自分の性格を踏まえた上で自分だけに課したルール。 バランスを保つためにも必要なこと。 1.頑張って 楽しいことを我慢するニュアンスが含まれる。楽しさを優先させたい。「楽しんで」に言い換える。 「明日のテスト、頑張って!」→「明日のテスト、楽しんで!」 2.日々精進 どこまでやっても未熟なニュアンス。楽しみを我慢して苦痛


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